Blurring boundaries...

This is a feature that puts the spotlight on people who have walked the

un-treaded path, daring to do something apart from the mundane.


We have all been in that situation where we sketched out our boredom to escape from the endless drone of "a +b =c "

A funny doodle here, some amusing caricatures there, all the while waiting for the bell to ring.

But who knew it could actually amount to a work of art?

This week Rupal Gowda, an architecture student from Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology tells us how he scribbled his way from the last pages of textbooks to the new age of art!









How did you come up with this idea?

As I began experimenting with different mediums I started to realize ways I could make it beneficial to myself. Sometime around middle school, I began drawing characters of different cartoons and the other kids would offer to buy it off me. This initially gave me the gist of capitalizing my work. Basically, the idea came out of my constant need to be unconfined. The more I worked on my art the better it got.


Tell us about the five things that inspired you most.

I can’t put a finger on a specific inspirational moment. Inspiration to me is something that’s around us waiting to be perceived and portrayed. I personally imbibe inspiration from my experiences and people I meet and follow. I’ve had muses who played a major role and continue to do so. The woods, mountains, and the ocean are other contributors and yes, of course, music.


I did not have a predetermined goal which I wanted to accomplish and excelling at academics wasn’t my forte. I just made art because I enjoy doing so and the work opportunities presented themselves to me which gave me the push I needed to continue making new content.

After putting my work out there on the internet the window of opportunity got bigger. I’ve received an immeasurable amount of support and I’ve had the opportunity to meet talented individuals who have not only inspired me to stretch my boundaries but to keep doing so with determination.

Tell us about what kept you going.


What are the hardships you faced and how did you overcome them?

Procrastination is my middle name. One of the most substantial hardships I face is time management. Balancing out academics with art is something I’m still learning to do. There are times when I’m unable to draw for weeks and everything feels stagnant. The pile up of college work and nearing of deadlines derails me. A good vacation always resets that for me.


What do you envision your passion shaping into?

My inquisitive character has led me this far and I’m hoping it will lead me further. Art being such a boundless subject will always keep me in its grips and squeeze the creativity out of me. Furthermore, I see it molding into more vibrant opportunities for me to satiate my appetite for learning and creating whilst having a good time on this giant floating rock in space.

Hold on, don't close the window yet!

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Happy (Un)learning!

Next time you find yourself at Cubbon Park Metro Station, be sure to check out the mural that Rupal helped paint for the artist Andrej Zikic (who also goes by Artez) as part of the St+art crew here in Bangalore!

This Unlearner can truly make walls speak, with a swivel of his brush, don't you think? 

What keeps us going!
Sathya Consultants 
Ethos India
Collage Studio

Architectural education has become very predictable and events like these extend the learning outside the four walls. Unbind's hands-on approach and dialogue way of learning becomes very important and they're doing a good job and I hope they organize more such events!

 The whole experience has been so professional and I'm extremely proud of the team! It never once felt like they were a group of youngsters.

This is a great initiative where all forms of art are on display and it helps students choose what path they want to take in future.