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In view of the increasing concern around the Corona virus and the need for social distancing as a precautionary measure, we at Unbind have decided to postpone Prabhaav 4.0 that was scheduled from April 10th - 16th, 2020. We wish for the best health of everyone and have taken this call for the larger benefit of everybody involved - the community of Banavasi, the participants, facilitators and the organisers. We hope you understand and support our decision. 

Finally and most importantly, we wish you to be safe, and follow the necessary precautions to ensure the well being and health of you and your loved ones.


Prabhaav 3.0 at Banavasi:


Prabhaav is a rural immersion program that focuses on understanding traditional design, and artisans in the village of Banavasi, Karnataka.

This program gives participants an opportunity to look into questions such as -​

  • What can I understand from the villages of our country?

  • How can I be more self-aware and make responsible decisions?

  • How can I make an impact within and in my surroundings?


Prabhaav found its bearing in the beautiful temple town of Banavasi, nestled in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Home to many arts and crafts like those of the pith coronet making by the Gudigar community, banana fibre products, Chittara art and much more, Banavasi is a cultural epicentre of several indigenous arts and crafts.

What was it about?

Prabhaav 3.0 was about understanding a village with all its systems. It was a journey into the self to explore our connection with these systems. We explored the role of empathy and culture in our individual lives and the surroundings we live in. We asked the right questions and discovered ways to find answers and more questions! This time around, we were blessed with the perfect weather and an opportunity to be a part of Lakshadeepotsava, an annual festival of lights in the Uma Madhukeshwara temple.

With individuals from different backgrounds like architecture, sustainability, development studies, design, NGO sector, journalism etc the discussions were enriched with different perspectives and learnings. With newly crafted activities and experiences, interactions with the artisans, cohort level discussions and individual reflections, Prabhaav as the name suggests, created an impact within self.

To be a part of Prabhaav 4.0 Banavasi April 2020 

For queries, contact us on 9738221540, 9535235945

Find out more about the next edition of Prabhaav

What keeps us going!
Sathya Consultants 
Ethos India
Collage Studio

Architectural education has become very predictable and events like these extend the learning outside the four walls. Unbind's hands-on approach and dialogue way of learning becomes very important and they're doing a good job and I hope they organize more such events!

 The whole experience has been so professional and I'm extremely proud of the team! It never once felt like they were a group of youngsters.

This is a great initiative where all forms of art are on display and it helps students choose what path they want to take in future.


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