The first Prabhaav was a three-day residential design hackathon encompassing these three principles and revolves around the cycle -

Design. Hack. Impact.


Set along the ancient Tungabhadra, nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Hampi, is the little village of Anegundi. Anegundi silently narrates stories of art, music, folklore; and also stories of compromises, hurdles and milestones.  The villagers are assisted by The Kishkinda Trust (TKT), founded by Shama Pawar. TKT works at a grassroots level to build capacity in order to maintain business incubators and to conserve their historical heritage.

What are the fundamentals?


The idea was not to impose urban interventions on village life but to create a system of reflection, ideation, and discussion. These 3 days of interacting, ideating, discussing and reflecting gave the participants an opportunity to look into fundamentals.

What was it about?

In the first edition of Prabhaav, we at Unbind explored how an idea flows from creation to execution. During the course of this three-day immersion, ten young minds joined hands with TKT, Unbind and field experts to immerse themselves in the village of Anegundi. Participants observed the local systems of thought, ecology, heritage conservation, and design.  They focussed on understanding their narrative, be it products/systems/and most importantly, their connection to themselves as a designer.

Who is it for?

Prabhaav welcomed a diverse group of driven individuals. Backgrounds were/are not as important as passion. Design, heritage conservation, management, humanities, waste management, anthropology are just some of the areas that will be impacted through this program. We believe learning is multidimensional. Students/professionals/changemakers were and will continue to be welcomed aboard for the future Prabhaavs! We are looking for passionate individuals, and if that’s what you are, then Prabhaav is for you.



To be a part of Prabhaav 3.0: Banavasi November 2019

For queries, contact us on 9738221540, 9535235945

Find out more about the second edition of Prabhaav 2.0: Banavasi May 2019

What keeps us going!
Sathya Consultants 
Ethos India
Collage Studio

Architectural education has become very predictable and events like these extend the learning outside the four walls. Unbind's hands-on approach and dialogue way of learning becomes very important and they're doing a good job and I hope they organize more such events!

 The whole experience has been so professional and I'm extremely proud of the team! It never once felt like they were a group of youngsters.

This is a great initiative where all forms of art are on display and it helps students choose what path they want to take in future.


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