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Prabhaav is a rural immersion program that focuses on understanding traditional design, and artisans in the village of Banavasi, Karnataka.

This program gives participants an opportunity to look into questions such as -

  • What can I understand from the villages of our country?

  • How can I be more self-aware and make responsible decisions?

  • How can I make an impact within and in my surroundings?

Prabhaav is about learning beyond boundaries. Through various discussions, activities, interactions and facilitated reflections, it is an inquiry into rural ecosystems, indigenous art forms, artisans, dynamics of rural-urban collaborations and so on. It is a place to develop new perspectives, learn and contribute to others’ learning. It is an opportunity to observe, learn and understand through questions and a space to seek answers. 


Program Details :

Prabhaav begins on 10th April and end on 16th April 2020.



The program starts and ends in Banavasi, Uttara Kannada.

Banavasi is home to the Gudigar community, a community of traditional artisans that have and continue to nurture art forms such as pith coronet making.


• Temperatures will range from 25°C to 35°C.

• Participants will have to reach Banavasi by early morning of Day 1.


Dates: 10th April - 16th April 2020

Location: The program is in Banavasi, Uttara Kannada.

Cost: The actual cost of Prabhaav per person is 23,000 INR for a duration of 7 days. (Includes food, accommodation, materials and modest design costs for the organizers). However, we understand that not everybody can afford this. We offer a sliding scale contribution anywhere between 16,000-23,000 INR. This means that you can contribute anywhere between these amounts, according to your financial situation. We request that you contribute a little beyond what is comfortable. We appreciate your efforts to find the money even if it is a little difficult. We invite you to view this as an investment in your own growth, and keep this in mind when deciding the amount you would like to contribute.



• Program is open to both Indian and International applicants.


• Participants are welcome from all backgrounds.

If you wish to be a part of Prabhaav: Banavasi

For queries, contact us on 9738221540, 9535235945

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What keeps us going!
Sathya Consultants 
Ethos India
Collage Studio

Architectural education has become very predictable and events like these extend the learning outside the four walls. Unbind's hands-on approach and dialogue way of learning becomes very important and they're doing a good job and I hope they organize more such events!

 The whole experience has been so professional and I'm extremely proud of the team! It never once felt like they were a group of youngsters.

This is a great initiative where all forms of art are on display and it helps students choose what path they want to take in future.


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