Blurring boundaries...

This is a feature that puts the spotlight on people who have walked the

un-treaded path, daring to do something apart from the mundane.


" I have always found the need to be unique, this has constantly inspired me to go out and make a genuine difference in the community rather than piling on it."

In this week's Unlearners.. We present to you Abhishek Bhaskar, an architecture student from Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management who is a Beatboxer, MC, Voice-Over Artist, Motivational Speaker and Founder of two start-ups.



Tell us about yourself?

I am a Beatboxing Artist, MC / Host, Voice Over Artist, Motivational Speaker, Architect, Product Designer and an Entrepreneur. I started off Beatboxing professionally at the age of 16 and turned my passion into a sustainable profession.

I have opened for some of the biggest artists like SEAN PAUL, AKCENT and KARDINAL OFFISHALL; have been the only beatboxer to work on a project for the UNITED NATIONS to promote INTERNATIONAL PEACE.

I was the first ever Beatboxer in India to work on a Beatboxing commercial for PEPSI Co. I have performed in 800 shows all over India.

 I founded Voicetecture and ABA (An Architectural Research based venture which focuses on Computational Research and Design applications and fabrication). Right from furniture to entire cities.

How did it all start?

Since the age of 14 I had been performing all over India as a Beatboxing artist and at the age of 16, I got picked up by a leading MNC to host an event.  They liked my stage presence and witty replies during the performance.  I had no idea on how to host events but had observed MC's when they introduced me on stage.  I took up the contract and that was my entry as a Master of Ceremonies (MC). Visualize a 16-year-old kid controlling a group of 400-500 people with age ranging from early 20's to mid-60.


 The same MNC offered me an opportunity to conduct live Beatboxing tutorials for their employees so that they could learn the art of Beatboxing and have fun at the same. I conducted my first ever Beatboxing workshop. That is when I saw the potential for a start-up this led to VOICETECTURE (Previously known as VOICEBOX), India's first and leading start-up to conduct live Beatboxing tutorials.


Around 3 years ago I gave a talk on Efficiency and Management Skills and concluded with a Beatboxing performance.

Later a family approached me backstage, the husband was an employee at the company. He took me aside teared up gave me a warm hug. He spoke about how he had been a part of a band and had to give up what he loved doing most due to parental pressure. He had been working as a trainee in a company job that gave him no joy. I shared my journey with him. This ten minute interaction with him had changed his outlook on life; the talk had ignited a small spark that he had lost becoming a “corporate slave”.

This is what made me tear up with happiness. The ability to provide people with heightened sense of happiness, sense of pleasure and aspiration live life happily to the best of their abilities.

Tell us one thing that inspired you the most..


Tell us about what kept you going..

1. The Importance of being different and creating something which can better the present and the future.

2. The constant criticism I face as an Artist, Architect and an Entrepreneur on a daily basis.

3. The vision I have and the short term goals I have set across to achieve them. The concept of being able to achieve an ambitious task is what keeps me going.

4. Importance of growth: Stagnation is my worst fear; hence the fear itself drives me to work and better myself every day


What are the hardships you faced and how did you overcome them?

In Beatboxing, the main hardships were to spread the message of Beatboxing to the masses and make them understand that Beatboxing is not just an art form but also a sustainable profession for artists looking to do something different.

 Managing Beatboxing, MC, Motivational Speaking and also solely managing Voicetecture was a herculean task and to add to that Architecture was a time-consuming course.

I did various studies of people who were in similar situations and how they overcame their difficulties -




What do you envision your passion shaping into?

Beatboxing, my passion, has already created a stable and sustainable profession allowing me to do what I love, which is basically the freedom to express my ideas and allow me to do so in a manner that aids my living.

Architecture too allows me to be creative and push the boundaries of design, and create, rather than replicate.

My goal is to create a sustainable living where all my interests co-depend and support each other and aid in bettering my surroundings for the next generation.

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