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"No treble"  came together to share their passion for music. However, they set themselves apart from the rest by choosing the underrated, challenging style of music, Acapella.

Here is the story of No Treble which houses two aspiring architects, Sanjana Shivkumar and Anushree Shankar from Ramaiah Institute of Technology.



How did you come up with this idea?

To begin with, we are a group of undergraduate students who share a similar passion in exploring and creating music. To us, music wasn’t just about accompanying an artist or having a spotlight thrown on oneself but it was unity, which we believed could facilitate us to shine. An underrated style of music, ‘Acapella’ interested us and helped us sync as a team harmonically and hence we started creating music with just our voices. This togetherness gave birth to   ‘No treble’, an Indo Western Acapella band.


Once we recognized the musical wavelength we shared and our jubilant interest in this genre, we inculcated techniques from the western frontier band ‘Pentatonix’ and Penn-ultimately structured our music. This rejuvenated our passion and increased our thirst to recreate the songs we knew with our own twist.

Tell us one thing that inspired you the most..


Tell us about what kept you going..

The very thought of entering a competition as a group gave all of us chills as we were experimenting a new genre and presenting it to the audience that we believed could take us forward. As they say, you’ll never know until you try, so we marched to conquer the stage and echo our name. The odds weren’t in our favour that day as we stood in the rain, sad and drenched with our failure. Every cloud has a silver lining and the judges’ wise words turned out to be ours. They motivated us to work as a group and unite like a family, spreading happiness through music. This challenged us to move forward.


What are the hardships you faced and how did you overcome them?

With every accomplishment comes hardships and we faced ours very soon. Coordinating and handling gigs was a tedious task for the group due to miscommunication and confusion.

We hence appointed a manager to schedule events and maintain public relations.

We realized the importance of delegation of authority and responsibility in an organization/group to enable better functioning and efficiency.


What do you envision your passion shaping into?

 When like minded people dream, it forms a canvas for creativity. The same holds good with ‘No Treble’. Every group aspires to create something unique and set high standards in the field of originality and that was our primary goal as well. We believe that If you love what you do, there’s nothing holding you back to achieving the impossible. We sculpted our group in laying objectives and engineered our style and moves to achieve the same.

Our tremendous efforts were rewarded with privileges and chances to make a difference.

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Architectural education has become very predictable and events like these extend the learning outside the four walls. Unbind's hands-on approach and dialogue way of learning becomes very important and they're doing a good job and I hope they organize more such events!

 The whole experience has been so professional and I'm extremely proud of the team! It never once felt like they were a group of youngsters.

This is a great initiative where all forms of art are on display and it helps students choose what path they want to take in future.