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This is a feature that puts the spotlight on people who have walked the

un-treaded path, daring to do something apart from the mundane.


It's one thing to celebrate freedom, but it's an entirely different matter to celebrate it without a roof over your head or without a meal at hand every day.

Meet Arpitha Kodur, an architecture student from Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management who strives to give those in need a chance to live happily.



How did you come up with this idea?

Food and shelter are two of the essential necessities for human existence. On spending time and interacting with the economically weaker sections- slum dwellers, construction workers etc, it was noticed that food for them was a mere luxury. The idea was to start an initiative to reach out to such people in a small possible way. It was a small initiative to give healthy and freshly cooked meals to people in need.


Tell us about the five things that inspired you most.

The contentment of providing and distributing food to the people in need was my biggest driving force. The urge to do something about the horrifying statistics showing the number of children and dependent women dying of starvation proved to be our inspiration. Also, the interest and happiness expressed by the donors towards the initiative inspired us.


The joy and blessings showered upon us by the people in need were overwhelming. The response we received from friends, family and the volunteers and how the word spread around and the reciprocation we received in terms of how people want to contribute to this initiative in their own small way kept us going week after week.

Tell us about what kept you going.


What are the hardships you faced and how did you overcome them?

The logistics behind the entire process of collecting food and disturbing it was the hardest hurdle to cross. The process of analyzing and concluding on the area of distribution was a long and tedious process. Time management proved to be our biggest hardships as freshly cooked meals was to be collected from the donors and distributed to the people in need within a set period of hours.


What do you envision your passion shaping into?

The vision is to turn this small initiative into a more sustaining NGO, that strives to provide to feed the needy and also provide essentials such as warm clothes in the winter season, books for the children that would help them in their education etc.

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